30+ Best Friend Tattoos For Men And Women

Friend Tattoo

Nothing can be more special than getting a matching tattoo with your best friend. If not totally matching, similar tattoos that are a pair or are related to friendship somehow. It can be a great way to establish a strong bond or a milestone in your friendship.

So if you and your bestie are ready to take that next step to permanently ink this friendship, then here are some ideas for best friend tattoos. So scroll down and find them out.

Best Friend Tattoos For Men And Women

1. Small Best Friend Tattoos

If both of you are “not tattoo people,” then why not just get a small best friend tattoo, if that works best for you. So here are some examples that you can look into for inspiration.

Small Best Friend Tattoos

2. Tree Tattoos

If for the both of you, trees and plants play a big role then, these tree tattoos are great for you guys.

Tree Tattoos

3. Cute Best Friend Finger Tattoos

Maybe you all like minimal finger tattoos and looking forward to get one of those matching finger tattoos, then here are a few finger tattoo ideas that are great for you and your friend.

Cute Best Friend Finger Tattoos

4. Symbol Tattoos

If these simple symbols are something that tickles your fancy, then it is possible that these are the right choice of tattoos for you all.

Symbol Tattoos

5. Quote Best Friend Tattoos

These quote tattoos are one of the classics that go great for anyone, whether a couple or best friends. So if this is your vibe, then get it by all means.

Quote Best Friend Tattoos

6. Matching Tattoos

It is a tale as old as time, matching tattoos are always the safest option that you can get when no other ideas are striking you.

Matching Tattoos

7. Sun And Moon Best Friend Tattoos

One of you is the sun, and the other is the moon, getting best friend tattoos like that is great, based on each other’s personality.

Sun And Moon Best Friend Tattoos

8. Memorial Best Friend Tattoos

This is the hardest and the most emotional best friend tattoo that you can, knowing your friend is no more. This is a way for you to honor them.

Memorial Best Friend Tattoos

9. Simple Best Friend Tattoos

The best tattoos are the ones that are quite simple, and you don’t need to think hard about them.

Simple Best Friend Tattoos

10. Heart Tattoos

It doesn’t get simpler than a simple heart tattoo with your best friend.

Heart Tattoos

11. Best Friend Sister Tattoos

Sharing a sisterhood, with your best friend is the best thing in life. So getting a tattoo that shows that is really beautiful and special.

Best Friend Sister Tattoos

12. Guy And Girl Best Friend Tattoos

Who said guys and girls couldn’t be just friends? Because they can be best friends. To celebrate your friendship, get a matching tattoo.

Guy And Girl Best Friend Tattoos

13. Funny Tattoos

Tattoos are not something to be taken seriously, they are generally funny, so make your tattoos funny as hell.

Funny Tattoos

14. Cool Tattoos

Here are a few really cool ideas for best friend tattoos that you should definitely get with your best friend.

Cool Tattoos

15. Butterfly Tattoos

Are the both of you, pretty little butterflies? Then there are some butterfly tattoos for you guys to make you feel beautiful.

Butterfly Tattoos

16. Best Friend Flower Tattoos

Flowers are delicate and beautiful if that is something that you guys identify with then get these beautiful flower tattoos. They are a girly best friend tattoo idea.

Best Friend Flower Tattoos

17. Yin Yang Tattoos

You are the yin to your friend’s yang. So, according to that, get the tattoo that you want in many different designs and shapes.

Yin Yang Tattoos

18. Best Friends Forever Tattoos

Best Friends are forever, and the best way to indicate that is by inking an infinity sign on you and your besties body.

Best Friends Forever Tattoos

19. I’ll Be There For You Tattoos

What better to show your friendship than to get something tatted from the show Friends? I know I’ll be there for you… Will you?

I’ll Be There For You Tattoos

 20. Lock And Key Tattoos

One of you is the key to the other person’s lock, it is cuter than what others might think. These tattoos are simple and meaningful.

Lock And Key Tattoos

More Best Friend Tattoos For Men And Women

Here are a few more ideas for best friend tattoos that you might like. So scroll down to check them out.

21. Wings Tattoos

Wings Tattoos

22. Distance Tattoos

Distance Tattoos

23. To Infinity And Beyond Tattoos

To Infinity And Beyond Tattoos

24. Arrow Tattoos

Arrow Tattoos

25. Bird Tattoos

Bird Tattoos

26. 3 Best Friends Tattoos

3 Best Friends Tattoos

27. Power Puff Girls Tattoos

Power Puff Girls Tattoos

28. Disney’s Best Friend Tattoos

Disney's Best Friend Tattoos

29. Foot Tattoos

Foot Tattoos

30. Ankle Tattoos

Ankle Tattoos

31. Anchor Tattoos

Anchor Tattoos

Wrapping Up!

If you have selected the few best friend tattoos that you are thinking of getting, then just write them down in the comment section, there I can help you select. If you like this also comment down below to let me know.

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