30+ Rose Tattoos For Men And Women

Rose Tattoos

One of the most common types of tattoos is roses. Roses are one of the most beautiful and appealing flowers in the world.

The eternal meaning of the flower rose is love, passion, and beauty, and they are also available in many different colors; each color of the rose means something different.

White Rose: Innocence, Purity, Chastity

Yellow Rose: Friendship, Remembrance, Care

Pink Rose: Joy, Sweetness, Admiration

Ivory Rose: Elegance, Charm, Luxury

Peach Rose: Modesty, Sympathy, Genuineness

Orange Rose: Fierce Love, Desire, Passion

Red Rose: Longing, Ultimate Love, Passion

Lavender Rose: Splendor, Majesty, Fascination

Green Rose: Health, Peace, Harmony

Blue Rose: Mystery, Unattainable Love, Desire

Black Rose: Death, Farewell, Elusiveness 

Purple Rose: Royalty, Success, High Honor

Rose Tattoos For Men And Women

Now that you know what each of the rose colors means, you can get the type of rose color you want now, with its particular meaning.

So all you need to do is decide on where you want the rose tattoos on your body and also its size. Then let’s find out what do rose tattoos mean.

Let’s scroll down to see a few designs that you might find interesting and intriguing, and that might match your vibe.

1. Forearm Rose Tattoos

One of the most common places to get rose tattoos is on the forearm of both men and women. The size and design depend on your own personal choice and preference. So these are just a few designs that you might like.

Forearm Rose Tattoos

2. Small Rose Tattoo

If you are not someone who is interested in big tattoos, then you can easily choose these smaller rose tattoos that are equally beautiful. And due to their smaller size, they look rather delicate as well.

Small Rose Tattoo

3. Dark Rose Tattoo

To make the rose darker in look, rather than its delicate and beautiful nature, fill the whole rose with black in color. But these darker vibes of roses are very beautiful.

Dark Rose Tattoo

4. Rose Neck Tattoo

The neck is yet another common place for beautiful rose tattoos for women and men. The design of rose tattoos can be either outlined or colored in their design.

If neck tattoos are not the vibe that you are looking for, then you can gladly skip this tattoo design. But if larger-sized tattoos are uncomfortable for you, then make a smaller-sized tattoo.

Rose Neck Tattoo

5. Black & Grey Rose Tattoo

If colorful rose tattoos are not something that goes with your personality and vibe, then ink a rose but in color black and grey. These Blackish grey colored roses give out a darker tone and vibe.

Black & Grey Rose Tattoo

6. Name Rose Tattoo

It is quite common to ink the name of your loved one along with your tattoo, so incorporating both the name of your loved one along with the rose will make the tattoo look beautiful. These rose tattoos have very delicate and simple to them.

Name Rose Tattoo

7. Rose Chest Tattoo

For most women, inking a rose tattoo on the chest is quite beautiful. The tattoo looks a lot sexier than most other tattoos. These rose tattoos look rather beautiful on women than on men.

Rose Chest Tattoo

8. Rose Hand Tattoo

These rose tattoos on the hand are very beautiful yet vibrant. These tattoos are visible and can be seen by everyone.

So if you are a tattoo enthusiast, then these visible tattoos are great for you, but if you want your tattoos to be a bit discreet, then these are not for you.

Rose Hand Tattoo

9. Geometric Rose Tattoo

These are not at all the traditional type of rose tattoos, these are rather modern rose designs that you might wanna get.

You don’t have to create a very intricate geometric rose design to get this kind of tattoo, but a simple geometric design is rather beautiful.

Geometric Rose Tattoo

10. Mom Rose Tattoo

To show your beautiful mom some love, get a beautiful rose tattoo with the word mom written on it. Though the design is simple, the meaning behind the tattoo is deeper.

Mom Rose Tattoo

11. Family Rose Tattoo

Familia and family is a very important institution in anyone’s life, they are the most important people in your life. So if you are getting a tattoo, then get a beautiful rose tattoo with a simple nod to your family.

Family Rose Tattoo

12. Rose Shoulder Tattoo

Shoulder tattoos are never smaller and discreet tattoo. These tattoos are very much visible until and unless you wear something fully covered. If you love this type of rose tattoo, then you can easily select one of these designs for your tattoo as well.

Rose Shoulder Tattoo

13. Rose Sleeve Tattoo

Sleeve tattoos are extravagant and costly as well. So if you are planning on getting a full-sleeve rose tattoo, then be prepared to spend a few hundred bucks. Sleeve tattoos might not be for everyone since these rose tattoos are very big.

Rose Sleeve Tattoo

14. Rose Half-Sleeve Tattoo

If the full sleeved tattoos are rather expensive for you, then why not get a half sleeved rose tattoos.

These tattoos are more popular than just full-sleeve tattoos as they are expensive. So getting these are more economical and similarly beautiful as the full-sleeve rose tattoos.

Rose Half-Sleeve Tattoo

15. Rose Wrist Tattoo

Wrist tattoos are quite small and not so elaborate like most other rose tattoos. So you can easily get these tattoos to make your tattoos discreet and simple.

The wrist is a place where muscles are less, so it is gonna hurt a bit while the tattoo is in the making.

Rose Wrist Tattoo

16. Rose Tattoo With A Name

Writing the name of your loved one on your tattoo is quite common and normal. These are a beautiful way of honoring that person in their life. So you, too, can incorporate the name of your loved one with a beautiful rose.

Rose Tattoo With A Name

17. Red Rose Tattoo

In the list at the beginning of the article I already mentioned the meaning of a red rose. So if you think the meaning behind your red rose tattoo is passion and the ultimate level of love, then design the red rose in the most beautiful way to honor your loved one.

Red Rose Tattoo

18. Yellow Rose Tattoo

Like the red rose, the yellow rose too has a definite meaning to it. So if you think the meaning behind your rose tattoo is to honor friendship, care, and remembrance, then go ahead with your yellow rose tattoo.

Yellow Rose Tattoo

19. Blue Rose Tattoo

The meaning behind the blue rose tattoo is mystery, unattainable love, and desire, then the blue rose tattoo is the one for you.

The meaning of a blue rose is very beautiful and rather unique, so make the design very special and unique.

Blue Rose Tattoo

20. Black Rose Tattoo

The reason behind a black rose is very dark like the black rose. The meaning behind the black rose is death, farewell, and elusiveness.

So if you have a darker personality, just like the black rose, then get beautiful black rose tattoos on any part of your body.

Black Rose Tattoo

21. Purple Rose Tattoo

The meaning behind a purple rose is royalty, success, and high honor. The rose is special and is known to be magical in abundance. The color purple means mystery, wealth, and royalty.

Purple Rose Tattoo

More Rose Tattoos For Men And Women

If you are looking for more types of rose tattoo designs, then here are a few more rose tattoos for men and women.

22. Compass Rose Tattoo

Compass Rose Tattoo

23. Cross With Rose Tattoo

Cross With Rose Tattoo

24. Sunflower And Rose Tattoo

Sunflower And Rose Tattoo

25. Rose Outline Tattoo

Rose Outline Tattoo

26. Skull And Rose Tattoo

Skull And Rose Tattoo

27. Traditional Rose Tattoo

Traditional Rose Tattoo

28. Butterfly Rose Tattoo

Butterfly Rose Tattoo

29. Rose Vine Tattoo

Rose Vine Tattoo

30. Snake And Rose Tattoo

Snake And Rose Tattoo

31. Rose Clock Tattoo

Rose Clock Tattoo

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)!

Now that you know all the different types of rose tattoos for men and women, then you can make an informed decision on the exact types of rose tattoos that you want.

1. What Does A Rose Tattoo Symbolize?

There is a lot of meaning behind rose tattoos; if you are getting a colored rose tattoo, then you will know from the article that each rose color has a different meaning to it. So by reading the article, you will know the meaning of these rose tattoos.

2. Do Men Get Rose Tattoos?

Rose tattoos are a very common and popular type of tattoo that men and women get; with women, these rose tattoos are very popular among men as well.

3. Are Rose Tattoos Feminine?

Back in the 1930s, the meaning behind rose tattoos was inked by sailors to symbolize their love for their wives, girlfriends, or even their mothers.

Since these tattoos are mostly associated with women, the rose is symbolized as a very feminine flower.

Wrapping Up!

The rose is one of the most popular flowers in the world, and among tattoos, the rose tattoo is one of the most popular out of most tattoos.

So if you want to get a beautiful rose tattoo, then you first need to decide on the type of tattoo you wanna get and also decide on a particular if you want a tattoo that has a certain meaning to it.

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