What Is The Best Eyeliner And Lipstick For Olive Skin Tone?

olive skin tone

Olive skin tone as a spectrum is quite unusual, and that’s completely different from the neutral undertones people think it to be. The spectrum flaunts a subtle mix of a lot of hues. It has yellow, ash, and green.

The mélange of these hues makes it really difficult to find the right lip color and eyeliner. Even when I talked to some beauty experts, they unanimously agreed that how they find doing the makeup for an olive-skinned person a little trickier.

Don’t worry! I am here to help you out with picking the best lip colors and eyeliners for you. But before that, let’s have a look at some essential details.

What Is So Special About Olive Skin Tone?

What Is So Special About Olive Skin Tone?

An olive skin tone can have warm and neutral undertones as it is a mix of more than one hue. Some prominent names having an olive skin tone are Penelope Cruz, Salma Hayek, and Zoe Saldana. All of them have a lighter undertone.

However, olive-skinned celebs like Thandie Newton or Viola Davis, you will notice, have a darker undertone.

So, while picking a color for makeup, accessory, or outfit for someone with an olive skin tone, it is always better to go for shades that suit all color tones.

Considering the variety in this skin tone, you may feel like having a separate olive skin tone chart.

Nevertheless, let’s find out what lip colors and eyeliners will be the best for you.

Best Lip Colors For Olive Skin Tone

Best Lip Colors For Olive Skin Tone

Do you have a light olive skin tone? Or your olive skin tone has a warm undertone? I have curated some of the best lipstick shades that will make you look more attractive.

  1. Bold Red Lipstick

A bold red lipstick will always be a good match if you have a cool olive skin tone or a warmer undertone. Choose a red lipstick that is consistent in color and does not have orange undertones. It’s a big No-No for olive skin tones.

If you can’t do without orange, at least try to get something close to terracotta.

  1. Nude Pink Lipstick

Nude Pink Lipstick

A nude pink lipstick and a cool or neutral olive skin tone can be a match made in heaven. Go for one that has a creamy finish. And also, avoid any shimmery effect because that does not look good with skin having an olive tone.

  1. Nude Brown Lipstick

Nude Brown Lipstick

Nude brown is again a color for medium olive skin tone or warm olive skin tone. Neutral tones will also go well with this shade.

Along with brown nude lipstick, you can also try nude lipstick in the peach shade. However, the peach shade will suit those with a cooler undertone.

  1. Reddish Pink Lipstick

A reddish pink lipstick will be the ideal daily wear shade for someone with a cool olive skin tone. It will not look good on a warm olive undertone because the shade will not come through.

  1. Bold Brown Lipstick

Bold Brown Lipstick

Bold brown is “the color” for olive skin tones with a warm undertone. Dark brown’s richness will perfectly complement the subtle mix of yellow, green, and ash shades.

If you have a cool undertone, don’t go for this shade unless you want to create a gothic-inspired look.

  1. Lipstick With A Sheer Effect

If you want to keep it minimal, you can always choose a lipstick with a sheer effect for your olive skin tone. Especially the sheer lipsticks with “buildable” colors are the best.

These lipsticks do not come with artificial colorants; they offer a sheer effect when applying a stroke. As you keep applying multiple strokes of this lipstick, your lips will have buildable shades and an opaque effect that looks most natural.

  1. Raspberry Lipstick

Raspberry Lipstick

Raspberry, like red, suits almost all the undertones of an olive skin tone. However, I personally like it the most in warm olive tones.

While choosing a raspberry lipstick, don’t choose a glossy or shimmery one. Pick one that is richly pigmented and imparts a matte finish.

  1. Bold Magenta Lipstick

Bold magenta lipsticks look great on an olive skin tone and are an excellent match for warmer tones. However, if you have a cooler undertone, you can also flaunt it for evening parties or when wearing pink or magenta outfits.

A pink dress and some bold shades on your lips, maybe? Reliving the “Barbie” fever, right?

Best Eyeliners For Live Skin Tone

Best Eyeliners For Live Skin Tone

If you have an olive skin tone, you have to bunk the eyeliners that have a metallic shade or a golden or bronze hue. The thing is that an olive skin tone already has that subtle tanned effect. So, these shades will not be very prominent when you apply them on your lash lines.

Also, the colors suitable as lipsticks for an olive skin tone may be better when it comes to eyeliners. For example, browns are amazing when it comes to lipsticks, but they are not suitable as eyeliners though many online sites suggest it. If you want something in a darker shade, you can try magenta.

But the stylists and beauty experts I have talked to have unanimously picked some colors for eyeliners. These colors are:

  • Green

  • Blue

  • Black

  • Lavender (Only For Cool Olive Skin Tone)

  • Red

  • Teal

Having shared suitable lip colors and eyeliners for an olive skin tone, having a look at the celebs who have this skin tone and dazzle in it will help you understand how you can do the perfect makeup.

Summing Up

Because of the subtle presence of many shades, an olive skin tone can be a little tricky when it comes to makeup. Also, an olive skin tone can differ in undertones. So, the choice of lipstick and eyeliner can vary between two people despite having an olive tone.

Among the shades of lipsticks, you have a lot of variety, and you can go for shades like dark red, brown, magenta, nude pink and brown, reddish pink, raspberry, etc. In eyeliners, green, magenta, blue, and teal are the most suitable colors.

Do you have olive skin and have picked your favorite shade already? Don’t forget to share your ideas with me.

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