50+ Finger Tattoos For Men And Women

finger tattoos

Anyone who has a tattoo inked on any part of their body knows that tattoos are a way to show your personality and express yourself in the form of these tattoos. So if you are constantly looking for unique places to get tattoos, then this is a great one, Finger tattoos.

Finger tattoos are rather small tattoos but are quite subtle and beautiful to look at. So if you are willing to get finger tattoos, then keep on scrolling to look at the designs.

Finger Tattoos For Men And Women

Most people who are in love with getting tattoos should know what kind of design will look great on their fingers. But if you are unaware of such designs, then here are a few designs of finger tattoos that you should look at.

1. Time Flies

Time Flies

These tattoos with a watch and feather are beautiful yet bigger than most finger tattoos. But if you like bigger tattoos, then it’s a great finger tattoo idea.

2. Your Heroes

Your Heroes

You can easily tattoo the faces of your favorite heroes on your fingers, but you have to see whether your tattoo artist can get the facial features exactly the same.

3. Words


These words can have a meaning to you, or the words can be your favorite words that you like.

4. Symbols


The symbols can be of anything, maybe some ancient relic or any religious symbols that might be important to you. So you can easily pick something like that.

5. Dates


The dates that are important to you can be a very good tattoo idea. You can get your birth year or birth date tattooed on your fingers.

6. Japan Style

Japan Style

There are beautiful Japanese symbols that you can easily get tatted on your fingers. But before you get these Japanese-style tattoos, you should know the proper meaning of the Japanese symbols.

7. Your Identity

Your Identity

Tattoos are a great way to express your identity and to express who you really are. So you can do it yourself as well.

8. Elements & Symbols

Elements & Symbols

If you are more into certain symbols and or into natural elements, then they are a pretty idea for finger tattoos for women and men, and they are quite simple and minimalistic.

9. Names


If you are looking forward to inking certain names on your fingers, then they should be of someone really special to you.

10. Experimental Font

Experimental Font

If you are a bit more experimental type of a person, then it is easier for you to go crazy with unique and weird tattoos. These can be very interesting or a big regret in your life later.

11. Funny Symbols

Funny Symbols

If you feel funny enough, then you can think of quite funny tattoo ideas that you can get inked on your fingers.

12. Barbershop Signs

Barbershop Signs

Barbershop accessories like scissors, trimmers, mirrors, and old-timer barbershop poles, can be a great idea for finger tattoos. But if you are excited about such designs, then you can easily get these tattoos.

13. Ring Tattoo For Men

Ring Tattoo For Men

One of the easiest and simple types of ring tattoos that men can get is a ring tattoo. These are not at all complicated and are very easy to get for people who are not well acquainted with tattoos.

14. Life Motto

Life Motto

If you have a certain sentence that inspires you, then you can get that life motto inked on your fingers very easily and in a minimalistic way.

15. Stylish Dots

Stylish Dots

These stylish dots are quite simple and do not require much time for the tattoo artist to create these dots on the fingers.

16. Lines


These are simple lines that you draw on your fingers quite easily. These lined tattoos do not have any real significance or meaning but can just be stylish and quite fashionable.

17. Finger Tattoos For Women

Finger Tattoos For Women

Women do not ink each and every type of finger tattoo; they are more choosy about the type of tattoo they get. So there are different types of finger tattoos for women as well.

18. Patterns & Figures

Patterns & Figures

There are different patterns and figures in the world, so if you want something unique to be inked on your fingers. But to find such unique patterns and figures, you need to do a bit of research before going to the tattoo artist.

19. Direction & Arrow

Direction & Arrow

These directions and simple arrow tattoos are something that is very simple and minimalistic in nature. And you can get these designs inked on any finger you want in any design as well.

20. Mandala


One of the most popular types of tattoos that you can get as finger tattoos or any part of the body is Mandala. They have unique patterns and designs, which make one mandala unique from another.

21. Mood Tattoos

Mood Tattoos

If you are trying to reflect all your moods on your fingers, then it can be really great and cute as well. Each of your fingers can reflect a different type of your mood.

22. Movie Tattoos

Movie Tattoos

If you are a movie buff, then inking the characters of your favorite movie can be quite interesting and different from others, as your favorite movie will be different from others.

23. Flowers


One of the most common types of finger tattoos is flower tattoos of a variety of types. You can ink the type of flower you like on your finger.

24. Minimalistic


Minimalism goes a long way, and getting a subtle tattoo won’t harm anyone. So minimalistic tattoos are more beautiful than extravagantly exaggerated tattoos than might overpower your whole personality.

25. Snake


If snakes are the way you are in life and you have a snake-life personality but not a literal snake-like personality, then this tattoo can really be unique to your taste.

26. Butterflies


Butterflies mean a type of transformation and evolving from one person to another, so getting tiny butterflies getting inked on your fingers will look great if done right.

27. Leaves


Just like butterflies, leaves are something that looks beautiful and gives a natural feel to it. These leaves can be bold yet quite delicate and subtle. So if you want leaves to be inked on your fingers, your fingers will look rather beautiful.

28. Rings


Just getting a ring-like tattoo on each of your fingers might not feel like much, but yet they can be quite beautiful and subtle, and if you are getting married, then it can look very beautiful, just like a wedding ring tattoo.

29. Stars & Moon

Stars & Moon

If you are getting stars and moon tattooed, they are a classic combination that you should definitely get inked on your fingers. This moon and star combo is very pretty but is mostly done by women.

30. Side Finger Tattoos

Side Finger Tattoos

The side of your finger is a great place to get a tattoo if you want. This way, you can find different innovative places, even on your finger, to get tattoos.

31. Inner Finger Tattoos

Inner Finger Tattoos

The inner side of your finger is something that not everyone gets as hardly people can get to see these tattoos. But those tattoos are mostly for your viewing and experience.

32. Middle Finger Tattoos

Middle Finger Tattoos

If you are in the habit of showing the middle finger to people, then why not decorate that finger for more subtle swearing and flipping them off?

33. Heart Tattoos

Heart Tattoos

The hearts that you want to get inked on your finger should be rather simple and not at all complicated in their design. A simple red heart can look a lot more beautiful than most overly complicated designs.

34. Lion Tattoos

Lion Tattoos

When you see Lions, they are a symbol of royalty and pride, this is the exact feeling you might get when you ink a lion tattoo on any part of your finger.

35. Henna


We all know that henna is not a permanent tattoo design, but even if it is a temporary design, it can be rather beautiful and gorgeous to look at.

Henna is a part of many Eastern cultures and is not something very unique, but in Western culture, henna designs are rather unique and not as common.

36. Crowns


To feel like a king or a queen, why won’t you just get a crown tattoo inked on your finger to feel like royalty?

37. Rosary


Rosaries are a big part of the Christian religion, so for Christians to get rosary designs inked on their finger might feel good and make them feel more religious.

38. Diamond Tattoos

Diamond Tattoos

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” Well, I don’t know anything about that, but a diamond-shaped finger tattoo definitely makes you feel like a million bucks.

39. Anchor Tattoos

Anchor Tattoos

Anchors are a very popular type of tattoo among both women and men, not only for the fingers but on every body part.

40. Feather Tattoos

Feather Tattoos

You might feel feathers are delicate and very lightweight, but these tattoos are not as subtle or delicate as you might think. The feather tattoo requires a much more detailed design to get it just right.

41. Gun Tattoos

Gun Tattoos

If you are a gun nut, then get one or more guns tatted to your fingers to show your love for guns and other firearms as well.

More Finger Tattoos For Men And Women
Here are a few more finger tattoos that you might like to look at.

42. Infinity Sign

Infinity Sign

The infinity sign is packed with symbolism and denotes endless strength and possibilities. Also, because of its association with the number 8, it is the symbol of justice.

So, it can definitely be something to beautify your fingers. You can get just the infinity symbol inked on your fingers or detailed with dainty leaves or flowers. 

43. Waves Of The Ocean

Waves Of The Ocean

You don’t need a ring when you have waves of the ocean link on your finger. This is a simple line drawing and is mostly done with black or blue ink.

Though these tattoos look the best without any elaborate designs, you can always incorporate your own ideas.

44. Semicolon Tattoos

Semicolon Tattoos

Did you know that a simple semicolon has so many meanings attached to it? Yes, a semicolon denotes sustenance and the continuation of life. Of late, it has also been associated with mental health awareness and fights against suicides. 

Selena Gomez has one semicolon tattoo on her wrist, and you can get in on any of your fingers.

45. Colored Tattoos

Colored Tattoos

You can get colored tattoos for your fingers to express your artistic bend of mind. Women can always go for floral designs on multiple fingers and even on the back of the palm. With many colors and designs, these look beautiful.

Men can opt for subtle heart shapes or geometrical designs filled with colors.

46. Skull Tattoos

Skull Tattoos

This is one of the coolest finger tattoo designs you can try. You can get just a skull inked on one of your fingers.

If you want something more elaborate, complete the skull design with elements inspired by gothic themes.

47. Gothic Tattoos

Gothic Tattoos

Want to create a Viking vibe? You cannot just skip the gothic tattoos, and your fingers will be the best place to have them.

Get skulls, anchors, cross symbols, swords, wolves, owls, and every gothic element you can think of. You can get the tattoo on one of your fingers or adorn all your fingers with these designs.

48. Matching Tattoos

Matching Tattoos

Matching tattoos are great for fingers and palms. You can always go for floral designs craftily inked to create a matching tattoo.

If you want something spiritual, you can go for the Yin Yang tattoo for your fingers. This design symbolizes the juxtaposition of opposite yet effective forces behind creation. It is also the union of the universal male and female. So, it can also be about your choices and sexuality.

49. Thumb Tattoos

Thumb Tattoos

If you want to get your thumbs to get inked, you can try some matching tattoos I just mentioned. Else, you can go for the Sun and moon tattoos. 

And if you just want the inking on one of your thumbs, you can opt for something abstract or more spiritual, like the eye of Horus.

50. Abstract Tattoos

Abstract Tattoos

Abstract tattoo designs are eclectic. So, all you need is some creative ideas and inspiration. You can get a dainty tattoo design for your finger.

It can even be a design covering the back of your palm

51. Snowflake Tattoos

Snowflake Tattoos

These tattoo designs are dainty and beautiful. Get a snowflake tattoo in black, white or with blue and pink colors. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

If you have any more questions regarding the topic, then here are a few questions that you might find helpful.

Q1. Do Finger Tattoos Age Well?

Ans: Unlike other body parts, finger tattoos tend to fade faster and are not known to age well. Since we use our hands daily and wash them regularly, they tend to fade more.
What Is The Best Finger To Get Tattoos On?
The best fingers that you can get tattoos on are the ring fingers or the middle finger. These are the best fingers that you can get.

Q2. How Much Do Finger Tattoos Cost?

Ans: Finger tattoos are not that costly, they cost somewhere around $50 if you are getting something simple and about $300 if it’s complicated.

Wrapping Up!

So now that you know all the tattoos that are in trend as finger tattoos, you can choose the design that you like among all these 50 + tattoo designs.

So if you think you are in love with one of these finger tattoos, then surely mention that in the comment section and let us know about your decision.

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