Which Parenting Style Is Most Encouraged In Modern America?

Which Parenting Style Is Most Encouraged In Modern America?

When it comes to raising children, parents of a certain community try to follow certain dos and don’ts. Most of them follow what their parents have done. But, if we keep track of American parents, certain things have changed during the past few decades. 

So, which parenting style is most encouraged in modern America? Yes, there are different parenting styles; To name them – authoritarian, permissive, and authoritative are some styles parents keep using in trying to raise happy and healthy children. 

But, when there are too many options, choosing might seem overwhelming – because it is a child (living human being) we are talking about. This article should tell you about the best parenting styles in the US and help you choose the right one for you. 

Which Parenting Style Is Most Encouraged In Modern America? 

Which Parenting Style Is Most Encouraged In Modern America?

  • Authoritarian
  • Permissive
  • Authoritative
  • Neglectful

The answer is the Authoritative parenting style. We can learn a lot about parenting from Diana Baumrind’s contribution to psychology. She has pointed out three different types of parenting based on two different aspects. Such as –

Parental responsiveness and parental demandingness. 

  • Parental responsiveness: it suggests the extent of parents’ response to the child’s needs. Parental responsiveness is the degree to which parents are more concerned about their children’s needs. 
  • Parental demandingness: it refers to parents asking for more mature and responsive behavior from the children. 

The three different parenting styles mentioned above are based on two of these parameters. 

So, out of the four parenting styles listed above, the one American parents use the most is – the authoritative style. According to studies, children raised in an authoritative parenting style tend to have more self-esteem and social skills.

However, the effectiveness of a parenting style varies from culture to culture. Also, the authoritative parenting style is not considered the best across all cultures. Compared to the authoritative parenting style, the authoritarian parenting style has lesser relaxation of rules and regulations. 

Parents following an authoritarian parenting style are more concerned about obedience. As a result, anxious, withdrawn, and unhappy kids grow up into anxious, withdrawn, and unhappy human beings. 

The permissive style of parenting also can contribute to some serious behavioral problems. For example, alcohol abuse, risky sexual behaviors, and increased display of disruptive conduct by male children. However, children raised by permissive parents tend to have lower levels of depression, more self-esteem, and better social skills. 

What Is Parenting Style?

What Is Parenting Style?

Parenting styles are specific ways of raising children. The style can help parents shape up the way they make their children feel about themselves and act around other people. It also determines the type of relationship a child has with their parent. The impact of parenting styles on child development is visible through how a child acts around other human beings. 

All parenting styles out there are equally as good or equally as bad for parenting. Different parents choose to use different parenting styles to raise their children. The underlying reason could be their upbringing through diverse types of parenting or the change of parenting style throughout the decades. 

According to Diana Baumrind, there are three different types of parenting styles. You can read about the styles below in detail. 

Authoritative Parenting ( Balanced )

Authoritative Parenting

The authoritative parenting style sets clear rules and sets clear expectations for the children. The parents provide structure and limits while also giving the children room for independence and autonomy. 

These parents remain involved in the life of the children, and they always encourage open conversations about their problems. Parents following this leadership style prove to be more self-confident, independent, and successful.

Permissive Parenting ( Ultimate Freedom )

Permissive Parenting

The permissive parenting style involves limitless freedom and emotional support from the parents end. Children under such parenting are able to make decisions without the fear of restriction or punishment. 

However, permissive parenting might lead to children lacking discipline and structure. It can also make lead them to struggle with solving problems or making decisions. 

Authoritarian ( Restrictive or Hard) 


The level of demandingness in the authoritarian parenting style surpasses the level of responsiveness. Authoritarian parents are harsh, rigid, and demanding. Some abusive parents may also fall under this category. However, according to Baumrind, not all authoritarian parents are abusive. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

I hope that you have found the answer to your questions. However, here are some popular questions and answers that you might want to know about –

Q1. Which Parenting Style Is Most Encourage?

According to Baumrind’s Parenting styles, the authoritative parenting style is most encouraged in American society. The authoritative parenting style opens room for more confident children with a higher level of self-esteem. 

Q2. Is Permissive Or Authoritative Parenting Better?

According to research results published in 2012, parents following an authoritative parenting style can raise more confident children. However, although a permissive parenting style might boost self-esteem, it can also lead to negative outcomes such as destructive behavior. But an authoritative leadership style can balance things out. 

Q3. Is Authoritative Parenting Strict?

Unlike authoritarian parents, who are more strict and cold, authoritative parents are strict and warm. Authoritative parents talk to their children and clear out the rules and limitations. They are open to a give-and-take discussion with the children. Also, they teach the children to think critically about the reasons for imposing different rules. 

Q4. What Parenting Style Causes Anxiety?

Parents who are non-authoritative in nature tend to raise children with anxiety disorders. Parents who are overprotective or neglectful tend to raise children with low self-esteem. Authoritarian parenting with harsh or inconsistent controlling behavior helps raise children who are more prone to anxiety and depression. 

Bottom Line 

Which parenting style is most encouraged in modern America? The answer is authoritative parenting. After reading this article you should have an idea about this parenting style and how it affects your children. Authoritative is the most preferred among all the other parenting styles. However, it does not mean all the other parenting styles don’t exist or are ineffective. They vary according to the preference of different cultures and communities. 

I hope that you have found the answer to your query. However, if you have some questions, you can leave them in the comment.

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