Unlock The Secret To Gorgeous Lashes: Castor Oil For Eyelashes.

Castor oil for eyelashes

Castor oil. The stickiest oil I have ever used has several benefits. One of them is using castor oil for eyelashes. The oil is a vegetable oil that is sourced from the castor tree. The castor tree is mainly grown in the southeastern Mediterranean basin, eastern Africa, and India. 

Scientifically named Ricinus communis, this plant is usually sourced for the oil and is known to have moisturizing properties compared to other known vegetable oils. The seeds from the castor bean help in the extraction of the oil, and both local and international clients use it. 

The primary use of this oil has been as a hair oil. I use it as a carrier oil for essential oils such as peppermint or rosemary

What Is Castor Oil? 

What Is Castor Oil?

The oil from the Castor plant is an excellent addition for various issues. It has seen diverse uses throughout history, from skin ailments to others. The rich amount of ricinoleic acid in the seed allows the oil to act as a moisturizing agent. It has excellent nourishing capabilities. 

The high levels of essential fatty acids in the oil (such as the one mentioned above) are a great detoxifying agent. The interaction between the oil and the skin or hair is essential to understand its benefits. 

The thick oil prevents the evaporation of water from the skin’s surface as it acts as an emollient. The thickness of the oil makes it “heavy,” which is why most people do not opt for this oil readily. 

The oil is known to have natural humectants- the fatty acids that are present in the oil are helpful to prevent the loss of water. This promotes good skin health, relieves dryness, and supports the skin structure. The oil is also known to soothe inflammation. 

Is Castor Oil Good For Eyelashes?

Is Castor Oil Good For Eyelashes?

The evidence remains divided on this question. Some researchers and beauty gurus on instagram or YouTube will recommend it as a growth booster. However, most scientific evidence points towards the poor support for renewed growth. 

The oil aids in decreasing the risk of breakage and hydrates the lashes. However, the lashes do not grow faster or denser than the natural type. 

You may consider getting an eyelash extension if you want a fuller look. They are a reasonably cheap technique that lets you reach your desired eyelash look, which is long-lasting. 

Is Castor Oil Safe For Eyelashes?

The safety of the castor oil depends on your skin’s allergy to the substance. Usually, the allergies develop towards things not close to the body’s composition. This causes an issue for the body to adapt to the ingredients. The immune system (our bodyguards) recognizes those substances as allergens (attackers). 

The safety of eyelashes has been vouched for by several other users worldwide who share their experiences through online forums or their channels. I am one of those who has experienced benefits after using this oil. 

I can also vouch for the safety of this oil for eyelashes- I use this oil thrice a week as I’m not too fond of the thickness. However, I have found a hack to use it, which I will shortly share with you. 

Castor oil is a natural product compared to the various eyelash growth products available in the market. Thus, there are fewer chances of side effects. The main motive is to use it in moderate amounts so that there are no side effects. 

The regular use of the oil may lead to irritation. However, using it during breaks has improved my eyelash health. Especially for people who use eye makeup such as mascara, castor oil as the “eye serum” is a seemingly good choice. 

Benefits Of Castor Oil For Eyelashes

Benefits Of Castor Oil For Eyelashes

If you want to use organic castor oil for eyelashes, it will be a purer option as companies add no chemicals during the purification process. 

There are several benefits of castor oil for people. Whether you are a guy or a girl, you can benefit from its use. The following are the benefits of castor oil: 

  1. Rich source of vitamin E. This is an excellent antioxidant for your lashes, preventing them from falling out. Excessive makeup for eyelashes can render them weak and make them fall. You can overcome this through this property of the oil. 
  2. The oil is also a great source of ricinoleic acid, with widely known benefits. The fatty acid is an excellent thickener whose use can stimulate the growth of lashes. 
  3. The oil also acts as a conditioner, providing a luster and making them look enviable.
  4. The antifungal properties of the oil aid in preventing any fungal growth on the lashes, usually exposing it to several microorganisms. 
  5. The oil also has antibacterial properties, which prevent the growth of bacteria, a type of microorganism that can cause skin ailments. The right conditions for bacteria to grow and cause skin conditions such as blepharitis. I know, even the name sounds scary. 
  6. The oil’s minerals, proteins, and fatty acids help nourish the eyelashes, promoting their health.
  7. The ricinoleic acid in the oil prevents the development of androgenetic alopecia. The fatty acid is an inhibitor of prostaglandin D2 synthase that causes this condition. 
  8. The terpenoids and glycerol combine with the fatty acids to heal and improve the health of the eyelashes.

Castor Oil For Eyebrows And Eyelashes

Castor Oil For Eyebrows And Eyelashes

The best way to incorporate this wonder oil in your eyelash and eyebrow routine is by creating a serum including castor oil or just the oil on its own. Due to the several properties that provide us benefits, it is evident that eyelashes and eyebrows will benefit from its use. 

The best way to apply this oil over your brows and lashes is through an applicator. The ones that are available in mascaras are an excellent choice for application. You can reuse an old mascara wand or buy a new set of disposable wands. It’s up to you. 

The latter provides a risk-free option while increasing plastic waste, whereas the former would require deep cleaning the first time while mild cleaning the other times. 

How To Apply

Things you will need: 

  • Applicator 
  • Castor oil (can be cold pressed) or look up “Jamaican castor oil for eyelashes.” 
  • Warm water and soap
  • Micellar water
  • Tweezer
  • Isopropyl solution 

Time: At least 24 hours to fully dry and be ready for use. 

Which is the best time to apply? 

You can apply it while going to bed so that there is the slightest disturbance and exposure to dust or pollution. 

  • If you are using an old mascara bottle, be sure to wash it thoroughly. This video should be helpful for you to reuse your old mascara bottle.

  • Once you are ready with the new container for your lash-brow serum, use a dropper to pour castor oil into the tube. Your magical potion is ready! 
  • Apply the castor oil on your eyelashes like you would a mascara. Coating each lash thoroughly and carefully. 
  • Leave the oil overnight and let the goodness spread throughout your brows and lashes. 
  • Remove the oil using an eye-friendly micellar water or eye-makeup remover. Alternatively, you can also gently wash it away while showering. 


Being featured in hundreds of lists yearly, castor oil is an excellent addition to your skincare routine. This has been tried and tested to benefit the health of lashes and eyebrows. Some of us have been through teenage years where we overplucked our brows for that thin look. 

We all have flashbacks of the time, and Facebook posts do not let you forget that phase easily. Experts and beauty gurus across social media recommend using castor oil to boost hair health, especially for eyebrows and lashes. 

tl;dr: Don’t just go by what others are saying. Try it and see the results for yourself!


How Long Does Castor Oil Take To Grow The Eyelashes?

Castor oil can take about six months to show results. The difference in your eyelash health can only be observed with patience. If you use it as per recommendation, you can observe a significant change in the thickness, appearance, and length. 

Does Castor Oil Work? 

Yes! I experienced the benefits of castor oil first-hand before recommending it to my readers. The scientific evidence available across journals also suggests the benefits of castor oil for the overall health of your hair- lashes, brows, or tresses. 

Is It Okay To Use Castor Oil Every Day? 

The everyday use of this oil depends on your skin type and existing conditions. For Example, if you have an oily skin type, using this oil every day on the brows may cause acne to develop. I have combination skin, and using it in three-day gaps was beneficial for me. 

Can Castor Oil Be Unsafe? 

If you are not careful about the application, the oil may cause irritation and redness. If this happens, gently splash water on your face to remove as much oil from your lids as possible. 

If there is still irritation, itching, and discomfort without contact with the oil in your eyes, immediately stop using the oil.

Can Too Much Castor Oil Damage My Lashes? 

No, there is no evidence of damage caused to lashes when using castor oil. However, if there is a persistent irritation, it is better to consult a dermatologist after stopping its use immediately.

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